PHASE I: Personal Information

PHASE II: Employment Information

Policy Regarding Personal Information

In providing Partner Y's Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), a recruitment company, your personal information such as candidate's name, address and email address, resume, job history, etc., we promise to protect your personal information and handle it appropriately based on the following sections:

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Regarding the handling of personal information, we will thoroughly comply with the "Personal Information Protection Act" and related laws and regulations.
We will properly acquire personal information and will not result to fabrication and fraud.

2.Purpose in Using Personal Information

We will use personal information obtained from customers for the purpose of carrying out the following operations:

  • Provide materials and information regarding the staffing services of the company;
  • To introduce more job opportunities;
  • Contact the candidate when necessary; and
  • To act as an agent of the candidate and to serve as intermediary.
The Company reserves the right to provide personal information to its affiliates, business partners, etc. to the extent necessary for the purpose above.

3.Third Party Provision of Personal Information

We will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the consent of the person in advance, except in cases where it is stipulated in laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law.

4.Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

The Company will promptly disclose personal information when there is a direct request from the candidate. In cases where identity cannot be verified, disclosure of any personal information is not permissible.
Any requests for correction, addition, and deletion of personal information from the candidate will be promptly responded after proper confirmation.

5.Safe Management of Personal Information

The Company will implement strict measures to prevent the loss, misuse, leakage, etc. of the candidate's personal information. Also, we will endeavor to keep your personal information as accurate and up to date as possible.


Partner Y's Inc. will be responsible in managing the personal information and will carry out appropriate measures and continuous improvement of all candidates' personal information.